Germantown Little League Softball Ends With a Smash!

North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. (NSEC) sponsored the Germantown Little League Rockets this summer.  The girls had a fun season and worked hard.  They ended up going into the semi-finals with a close win of 14-13.  The Rockets proceeded to the finals and played the undefeated team of the season.  They won 18-6!  That brought them to a rematch with the same team two days later and won 26-16 for first place!  Congratulations!

Little League promotes character, teamwork and loyalty.  NSEC is extremely proud of the girls and their great attitudes, and is happy to be a part of this organization.IMG_0995



Third Successful Mercury Cleanup at a Wastewater Treatment Plant

North Shore Environmental Construction (NSEC) successfully completed a mercury cleanup at a municipal wastewater treatment plant on April 1, 2015. The project began in October 2014 and included mercury clean-up and decontamination of four trickling filter tanks and outer structures.

NSEC was contracted by the City to investigate and remediate the mercury release in accordance with Iowa DNR regulations. Releases of elemental mercury were identified at the North Plant during the site investigation performed on the four trickling filters prior to their decommissioning. NSEC removed 17,580 tons of filter rock media from the four trickling filters. The rock was tested (clean) and transported to the local landfill for beneficial re-use. NSEC decommissioned the four trickling filter bearings, packaged and disposed of them and the mercury debris at an offsite retort facility. The bearings had been leaking elemental mercury over the years. NSEC completed the cleanup efforts on time and without any incidents on site.

NSEC completed the mercury cleanup, structure decontamination and final air clearance sampling. No further action required by Iowa DNR based on completing the above outlined tasks and proper disposal of all waste associated with the remedial action.

This is the third successful mercury cleanup at a wastewater treatment plant completed by NSEC.




Mercury Cleanup at a Residential Home in Marinette

North Shore Environmental Construction’s Hazmat crew decontaminated a home in Marinette that was the site of a mercury spill. The spill happened sometime before January 12th, according to Marinette County Health and Human Services Mary Rosner R.N. The cleanup began in April. The homeowner told the Marinette County Health Department that he bought the mercury from a dentist years ago. Mercury used to be found in cavity fillings. It also used to be common in such things as thermometers, thermostats and light bulbs. It is now considered a dangerous human health hazard.

“Mercury is a neurotoxin,” explained Rosner. “It can attack people’s nervous system, the brain, their lungs and kidneys. Chronic exposure over time has severe impacts on a person.”

Mercury is the hardest on pregnant women, infants and young children and affects development and breathing. It is also associated with a host of other health issues such as anxiety, sleeping problems, tremors, blood pressure and more.

“My advice to people is if you have mercury thermometers at home, if you have old thermostats, old lightbulbs that have mercury in them, put them in containers that are not easily broken and take them to your next clean sweep,” said Rosner.

North Shore’s Hazmat crew worked wearing hazmat suits, gloves, gas masks and special footwear to detoxify both the home and garage, which is a very expensive process.

The mercury spill cleanup was completed successfully and the resident moved back into his home.

Deadline Approaching – Need to Reclassify Chemicals

One of the most serious threats facing workers today is exposure to hazardous chemicals. OSHA has modified the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) to adopt the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) to improve safety and health of workers through more effective communications on chemical hazards.

What is the Globally Harmonized System?

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is an international approach to hazard communication, providing agreed criteria for classification of chemical hazards, and a standardized approach to label elements and safety data sheets (SDS). Once implemented it will:

  • improve the quality and consistency of hazard information in the workplace.
  • provide understandable information on appropriate handling and safe use of hazardous chemicals.
  • help reduce trade barriers.
  • improve productivity for businesses that regularly handle, store and use hazardous chemicals.
  • provide cost savings for businesses that periodically update SDS’s and labels for chemicals covered under the hazard communication standard.

The deadline is June 1, 2015 for manufacturers and distributors to reclassify chemicals and send SDS’s and labels in the GHS format.

Hazard Communication Standard Pictogram

As of June 1, 2015, the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) will require pictograms on labels to alert users of the chemical hazards to which they may be exposed. Each pictogram consists of a symbol on a white background framed within a red border and represents a distinct hazard(s). The pictogram on the label is determined by the chemical hazard classification.

HCS Pictograms and Hazards

Health Hazard

Health Pictogram

  • Carcinogen
  • Mutagenicity
  • Reproductive Toxicity
  • Respiratory Sensitizer
  • Target Organ Toxicity
  • Aspiration Toxicity


Health Pictogram

  • Flammables
  • Pyrophorics
  • Self-Heating
  • Emits Flammable Gas
  • Self-Reactives
  • Organic Peroxides

Exclamation Mark

Health Pictogram

  • Irritant (skin and eye)
  • Skin Sensitizer
  • Acute Toxicity
  • Narcotic Effects
  • Respiratory Tract Irritant
  • Hazardous to Ozone Layer (Non-Mandatory)

Gas Cylinder

Health Pictogram

  • Gases Under Pressure


Health Pictogram

  • Skin Corrosion/Burns
  • Eye Damage
  • Corrosive to Metals

Exploding Bomb

Health Pictogram

  • Explosives
  • Self-Reactives
  • Organic Peroxides

Flame Over Circle

Health Pictogram

  • Oxidizers



Health Pictogram

  • Aquatic Toxicity

Skull and Crossbones

Health Pictogram

  • Acute Toxicity (fatal or toxic)
For more information:

OSHA Occupational
Safety and Health

U.S. Department of Labor (800) 321-OSHA (6742)

OSHA 3491-02 2012

Congratulations North Shore!

North Shore is excited to announce they are accepted as a Green Tier – Tier 1 participant.  Green Tier is a sustainable and innovative environmental program developed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  It is a voluntary program for businesses that are willing to exceed basic environmental regulations and to commit and perform exceptional environmental practices.  North Shore is committed to working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to take the lead in environmental protection while assuring economic stability and growth.  Green Tier is helping businesses make a difference environmentally.

greentier vertical logo



The Spirit of Christmas!

It’s looking like Christmas! The residents of Germantown and the surrounding suburbs had a chance to get into the Christmas spirit at the recent Germantown Christmas Parade. The Germantown Area Chamber of Commerce coordinates the annual Christmas Parade, including the tree lighting, horse-drawn carriage rides, hot chocolate and treats.

Girl Scout Brownie Troop 6225 and North Shore joined together and participated in the parade.  The Brownies decorated a trailer at North Shore’s facility Friday night.  The parade kicked off at 2:00pm on Saturday and the Brownies had their Santa hats on, candy in hand, along with smiles and excitement.   North Shore also entered a service truck and their vacuum truck in the parade.

Parade floats, marching bands and Santa Claus were all present.  Merry Christmas!



Green Tier Program and Wisconsin DNR

North Shore recently submitted an application to become a participant in the Wisconsin DNR Green Tier Program.  North Shore has applied for the Tier 1 program which is designed to encourage innovation, collaboration and new environmental goal setting.

What is Green Tier?  Green Tier is a sustainable and innovative environmental program developed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  It is a voluntary program for businesses that are willing to exceed basic environmental regulations and to commit and perform exceptional environmental practices.

The main goal of the program is to assess environmental impacts within businesses, trade associations, communities, as well as individuals,and then to develop strategies to eliminate externalities.  This program provides an opportunity for Wisconsin businesses to gain regulatory flexibility and to recognize and reward environmental performance.

Green Tier is helping businesses make a difference environmentally.

Little League® Baseball

A base run to a grand slam. The inspiring sportsmanship. That’s what baseball is all about. North Shore was proud to be a sponsor this summer for The Raptors, a Little League® Baseball team from Germantown, WI. The boys had a fun season making new friends and learning about baseball and sportsmanship.

photo (2)

Now accepting job applications!

Now accepting job applications!  North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. is currently seeking professionals for the Haz Mat Technician position.  This position includes working in the field on environmental and industrial projects and being part of the team to respond to emergency response spills.

Summary of the position included below:

  • Full-Time
  • 40 hour Hazardous waste site worker training
  • CDL required
  • Experience handling light and heavy equipment, vacuum trucks, roll offs and a Supersucker industrial vacuum truck
  • Minimum two years experience
  • Pay commensurate with experience

Email resume to:

Fax resume to:
262-255-6993 or mail to:
NSEC, Inc.
N117 W18493 Fulton Dr.
Germantown, WI 53022

NSEC Welcomes Their Newest Team Members!

North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent addition of Ms. Chloe Soik and Mr. David Johnson to their organization.

Ms. Chloe Soik joins NSEC as an Environmental Project Assistant. Chloe comes to North Shore as a recent college graduate. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in May with a BS Degree. She double majored in Geography (Physical Systems) and in Conservation & Environmental Science (Land Resources). She has also taken a number of courses in geographic information systems (GIS). While in her final semester at school, Chloe completed a management plan for the Schlitz Audubon Cleaver property in Brown Deer, Wisconsin along the Milwaukee River. Her entire education has been focused on and built upon the biological and physical environment of Wisconsin. As an Environmental Project Assistant, her responsibilities include assisting Project Managers with project costing, tracking and logistics, along with administrative duties. She will complete waste profiles, manifests, and associated documents. Chloe will also be working on government contracts and visiting project sites.

Mr. David Johnson joins NSEC as a Project Manager. Mr. Johnson has over 30 years of experience working in the environmental services field. He brings extensive knowledge of working with petroleum, chemical, PCB and solvents in emergency response and scheduled projects. His work has taken him international and nationally for numerous clients and incidents.