President’s Message


Environmental management can be hazardous and complex work, but the three things you need to do it right are actually pretty straightforward:

  • Always put safety first
  • Surround yourself with the best personnel and resources
  • Get your clients back on track as quickly as possible

Since North Shore first opened in 1989, these three things have driven everything we do.

They’re why we have daily on-site safety meetings.

They’re why our team participates in such a wide range of training to become experts in our field. Our team “thinks outside the box” to look for innovative solutions for complex environmental issues, especially when time is not on our side.

They’re why our specialized equipment is top notch, and our maintenance and replacement schedules are second to none.

They’re also why we’ve partnered with such a broad range of experts and equipment companies to make sure we can deliver exactly what your project needs, while keeping costs and business interruptions to a minimum.

Hundreds of area companies, institutions and municipalities rely on us to handle their environmental management needs, and many have given us some pretty tough assignments. Are we the right choice for you? Call today and let us show you that North Shore has what it takes to put your environment back into balance.