North Shore Environmental Construction’s mission is to provide our clients with a higher level of responsiveness, service and safety for hazardous materials response and remediation.

Our success relies upon using our skills, expertise and experience to exceed the expectation of our clients while protecting their vital interests and the environment.

Here’s why:

  • Our proven commitment to safety.  Safety is serious business in everything from training and equipment, to site and incident management.  North Shore’s current workman’s comp EMR is .76.
  • Environmental management is serious business, whether you have a chemical spill that could put people or the environment at risk, or site contamination issues that have impacted your facility.  North Shore’s experienced team understands how critical it is to put your environment back into balance.  Shutdown is time and money and North Shore will get your facility up and running quickly and efficiently.  We have over a 27 year history of solving some of the region’s toughest environmental challenges.
  • Hundreds of area companies and municipalities choose North Shore to handle their environmental management needs.
  • A topnotch network of customized resources and support.
  • A track record of over 8,500 successful projects.

North Shore is a contractor for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

North Shore is an all hazards emergency response contractor providing cleanup of non-hazardous and hazardous waste for the Wisconsin DNR.  The types of waste that are cleaned up include materials posing threats to safety, health, welfare and the environment.  North Shore assists with cleanup in the Southeast, South Central and Northeast regions in Wisconsin.

Our affiliations and compliance memberships include:

  •  ISNetworld: ISNetworld collects safety, procurement, sustainability, quality, insurance and regulatory information about North Shore.  They verify the accuracy of our safety and compliance, and report the results on their online database.  This allows their clients/companies to review this information and choose a safe, qualified contractor like North Shore to work on their project.
  • FET (Federation of Environmental Technologists, Inc.): FET educates its members and other environmental professionals on regulatory compliance and technological developments through training, professional development and networking.
  • MEA (Midwest ENERGY Association): MEA provides resources that continually improve North Shore’s proficiency, efficiency and safety for gas and electric distribution utilities. Resources include Operator Qualification Training through courses offered by EnergyU. This training has been completed by North Shore employees. It is to assure safety in the handling and transportation of hazardous gases and liquids. Our employees are trained to recognize and react to abnormal operating conditions.
  • WWOA (Wisconsin Wastewater Operators’ Association): WWOA informs and educates the state’s treatment plant operators on issues related to the treatment and control of wastewater.  This prepares them to make decisions which will insure harm does not come to the quality of the state’s water resources.
  • BROWZ, LLC: BROWZ evaluates North Shore’s health and safety performance, insurance, security and other risk criteria. This assures their clients/companies that they are working with safe, qualified and socially responsible contractors like North Shore.
  • Fixxbook/ServiceChannel: Fixxbook manages North Shore’s critical business data and validates our work performed in the field, manages work orders and provides online invoicing for their clients. This service helps clients/companies find and qualify industrial maintenance service providers like North Shore to work at their facility.
  • TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Credentials): TWIC allows North Shore employees to enter secured areas of maritime regulated facilities and vessels without a security escort.
  • Green Tier: Green Tier is a sustainable and innovative environmental program developed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  It is a voluntary program for businesses that are willing to exceed basic environmental regulations and to commit and perform exceptional environmental practices.  North Shore is a Tier 1 participant and is committed to take the lead in environmental protection while assuring economic stability and growth.  Green Tier is helping businesses make a difference environmentally.