A Chemical Reaction = A Very Dangerous Situation

A Chemical Reaction = A Very Dangerous Situation. Two chemicals that should never be combined were and it created a major reaction inside a tank.  The tank exploded.  The gas fumes caused irritation and respiratory issues to employees near the reaction site. More than 100 employees were forced to evacuate the premises. North Shore was contacted to cleanup the spill after the fire department sprayed a couple thousand gallons of water at the source of the spill.

Since the gas fumes were an issue and employees had to evacuate the premises, North Shore performed a health and safety investigation to measure the gas level. North Shore brought their portable FTIR Gasmet DX4040 gas analyzer to identify the gas level. The probe of the Gasmet DX4040 was taken to the explosion site by firefighters while the Gasmet DX4040 and technician were positioned outside the entry.  Once the gas level was determined, the site was turned over to North Shore to finish the cleanup.

North Shore specializes in hazardous materials response and clean-up and field-based environmental construction. The Gasmet DX4040 can detect up to 25 gases simultaneously providing validated, real time results in 60 seconds or less.  It has helped validate cleanup activities and provide confirmation of safe working conditions during remediation work.

To learn more about the Gasmet DX4040, contact North Shore.  You can also check out Gasmet’s website by clicking :


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Play Ball! Germantown Little League

Play Ball!  North Shore Environmental Construction has been a sponsor of the Germantown Little League for many summers.  North Shore is excited to support the Germantown Little League this summer and happy to be a part of the community.

Germantown Little League is dedicated to building character, courage and loyalty in local area youth by providing a fun, safe and competitive baseball program.

Check out the league at:

Germantown Little League

Career Opportunity – Accepting Employment Applications

Hiring Now!

We are currently accepting employment applications for our Haz Mat Technician position.

This is a labor intensive position that consists of industrial maintenance and emergency spill response functions (Our Emergency Response Service is 24/7). Out of town work and overtime can be expected, as well as being part of our on call rotation.

Preferred Skills:

  • 40 hour Hazardous waste site worker training
  • CDL with Tank and Hazmat endorsements
  • Experience handling light and heavy equipment, industrial vacuum trucks, roll offs
  • Minimum two years’ experience in industrial maintenance or haz mat spill cleanup response

Benefits Summary:

  • Full-Time
  • Paid Time off
  • Health Insurance
  • Competitive wages (Pay commensurate with experience)
  • Being part of a great team

For more information on what we do visit us at www.nsecinc.com.

Email resume to: careers@nsecinc.com

Fax resume to:
262-255-6993 or mail to:
NSEC, Inc.
N117 W18493 Fulton Dr.
Germantown, WI 53022

North Shore Congratulates Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson has been promoted to Vice President of Operations at North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc (NSEC). In this role, Dave will be responsible for the management of NSEC operations and personnel.  Congratulations!

The State of Wisconsin Recognizes North Shore – Green Tier Celebration

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recognizes North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. (NSEC) for participating in the Green Tier Program.  A formal initiation event was held on November 12th at Bar Louie’s at the Bayshore Town Center in Glendale, Wisconsin to honor NSEC’s participation in this program and their current achievements.

The Green Tier Program recognizes companies that aim for environmental excellence.  Since 1989, NSEC has been working to protect the environment by providing clients with services in hazardous and non-hazardous materials management, transportation and disposal, emergency spill response, industrial and environmental services and remediation.  As a Green Tier Participant 1, NSEC will continue their efforts to surpass environmental regulatory standards and build on its Environmental Management System.  NSEC will focus on waste reductions, recycling options and energy use reductions.

North Shore’s latest environmental improvements include:

  • using enhanced high efficiency lighting and installing light sensors
  • implementing an Environmental Management System, which will provide baseline data to compare with future results
  • developing mercury chemical decontamination technology
  • implementing beneficial reuse practices
  • recycling treated wastewater
  • converting waste to energy at designated facilities
  • reducing carbon emissions with the addition of flex fuel vehicles
  • purchasing stone, sawdust and other supplies locally

A big thank you to Chloe Soik, Assistant Project Manager, for enrolling NSEC in the Green Tier Program.  She completed the application and submitted our plan to the WDNR for approval.  She has been diligently working on NSEC’s waste and energy use reductions and recycling program.  Chloe coordinated our initiation event with the WDNR, our clients, friends and family.

To view more information about NSEC’s Green Tier initiatives, please visit:



Left to right is: Jesse Jensen (Acting Secretary Director, Southeast, WDNR), Chloe Soik (Assistant Project Manager, NSEC) and Keith Hitzke (President, NSEC).


Left to right is: Chloe Soik (Assistant Project Manager, NSEC) and Keith Hitzke (President, NSEC).

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Supersucker – The Ideal Remover Solution

North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. (NSEC) just got better!

NSEC provides yet an even faster and effective solution to cleaning up waste.  NSEC recently purchased a Supersucker (a high velocity air mover) to remove industrial and environmental waste and provide facility maintenance, tank cleaning, utility and underground service, hydro excavation and bulk material recovery.

The Supersucker is an effective application for both easy to reach areas and hard to access areas.  The system removes bulk materials from confined space areas, silos, tanks and interior areas of buildings when traditional equipment is not efficient nor as effective.  The system can handle all non-flammable materials in both solid and liquid form.  It has a 6000CFM Blower.  ‘It can simultaneously load and transfer waste by using the sludge pump accessory, which is capable of moving up to 500 gallons per minute gpm.

Want to see how a Supersucker works?  Contact NSEC for your next project.

Always put safety first, surround yourself with the best personnel and resources, and let’s get your site back to business.

Supersucker V


Supersucker T

North Shore’s New Technology

Quantify the Known….Identify the Unknown.  North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. (NSEC) is leading the way.   NSEC recently purchased a portable field-based Gasmet DX4040 FTIR gas analyzer.  The DX4040 can detect up to 25 gases simultaneously providing validated results in 60 seconds or less.  It identifies known and unknown gases in seconds, and produces outstanding lab quality data in the field.

The portable Gasmet™ DX4040 FTIR gas analyzer is a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer.  The DX4040 is one of the most powerful instruments available for on-site rapid identification and quantification of toxic gases.  A FTIR detects gaseous compounds by their absorbance of infrared radiation.

The 25 gas library of measured gases can be changed in the field (select from a master library list of ~250 gases), and by using the Advanced Library search function, over 5,000 gases can be identified in the field.  This provides the ability to respond to any required measurement and especially useful in situations where unknown gases are encountered.  By using this technology, NSEC provides optimum performance in demanding situations.

To learn more about how North Shore is using the Gasmet™ DX4040 FTIR gas analyzer, click on this link:




Toxic Mercury Spilled During a Large Renovation Project

As part of a renovation project, a construction contractor was cutting sanitary sewer pipe.  As the pipe was being disconnected from the ceiling, beads of waste were released from the pipe and fell to the floor.  The workers were unaware that the waste was mercury and proceeded to cut the pipe and place it in a dumpster located outside the building.  This caused the mercury beads to contaminate many areas at the facility.  The mercury embedded in the terrazzo floor, contaminated other construction debris that was already in the dumpster, and contaminated the grass and cement area outside the dumpster.  Once it was discovered that the waste was mercury, North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. (NSEC) was contacted to cleanup this spill.

NSEC specializes in cleaning up mercury.  When mercury is spilled, it shatters into tiny beads and spreads in many directions.  Mercury emits toxic, odorless vapors, which can be very dangerous when inhaled by people or pets.  The cleanup process included using a Lumex Mercury Analyzer to monitor the mercury vapors in the air.   A mercury vacuum removed the mercury from the floor, around electrical panels and in the grass around the dumpster.  The mercury contaminated steel and construction debris was removed from the dumpster and placed into cubic yard boxes for disposal.

Whenever you detect or spill mercury, contact an environmental contractor like NSEC to assist you with the cleanup.







Germantown Little League Softball Ends With a Smash!

North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. (NSEC) sponsored the Germantown Little League Rockets this summer.  The girls had a fun season and worked hard.  They ended up going into the semi-finals with a close win of 14-13.  The Rockets proceeded to the finals and played the undefeated team of the season.  They won 18-6!  That brought them to a rematch with the same team two days later and won 26-16 for first place!  Congratulations!

Little League promotes character, teamwork and loyalty.  NSEC is extremely proud of the girls and their great attitudes, and is happy to be a part of this organization.IMG_0995



Third Successful Mercury Cleanup at a Wastewater Treatment Plant

North Shore Environmental Construction (NSEC) successfully completed a mercury cleanup at a municipal wastewater treatment plant on April 1, 2015. The project began in October 2014 and included mercury clean-up and decontamination of four trickling filter tanks and outer structures.

NSEC was contracted by the City to investigate and remediate the mercury release in accordance with Iowa DNR regulations. Releases of elemental mercury were identified at the North Plant during the site investigation performed on the four trickling filters prior to their decommissioning. NSEC removed 17,580 tons of filter rock media from the four trickling filters. The rock was tested (clean) and transported to the local landfill for beneficial re-use. NSEC decommissioned the four trickling filter bearings, packaged and disposed of them and the mercury debris at an offsite retort facility. The bearings had been leaking elemental mercury over the years. NSEC completed the cleanup efforts on time and without any incidents on site.

NSEC completed the mercury cleanup, structure decontamination and final air clearance sampling. No further action required by Iowa DNR based on completing the above outlined tasks and proper disposal of all waste associated with the remedial action.

This is the third successful mercury cleanup at a wastewater treatment plant completed by NSEC.