Dousman Transportation Company Bus Barn Fire

Fire at Dousman Transportation Company in Waukesha County

IN THE NEWS – North Shore responded to a large diesel fuel spill Sunday, after more than 30 buses had been engulfed in flames at the┬áDousman Transportation Company in Merton. In total, 35 buses as well as the bus barn were destroyed by the fire .

“Normally if you had a fire, that fuel would probably go up in the fire. A lot of that diesel might have burned up in the fire – but when they`re throwing water on it and it`s maybe coming out of the tanks, it`s also flowing out with the runoff,” Keith Hitzke said.

North Shore estimates that 200 to 400 gallons of diesel fuel from the buses may have contaminated the soil in the surrounding area. NSEC technicians continue to work on the clean up. To view the full story, click HERE