Supersucker – The Ideal Remover Solution

North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. (NSEC) just got better!

NSEC provides yet an even faster and effective solution to cleaning up waste.  NSEC recently purchased a Supersucker (a high velocity air mover) to remove industrial and environmental waste and provide facility maintenance, tank cleaning, utility and underground service, hydro excavation and bulk material recovery.

The Supersucker is an effective application for both easy to reach areas and hard to access areas.  The system removes bulk materials from confined space areas, silos, tanks and interior areas of buildings when traditional equipment is not efficient nor as effective.  The system can handle all non-flammable materials in both solid and liquid form.  It has a 6000CFM Blower.  ‘It can simultaneously load and transfer waste by using the sludge pump accessory, which is capable of moving up to 500 gallons per minute gpm.

Want to see how a Supersucker works?  Contact NSEC for your next project.

Always put safety first, surround yourself with the best personnel and resources, and let’s get your site back to business.

Supersucker V


Supersucker T